Updates from Residents Working Group meeting – 15 December 2022

Updates that Kingsgrove residents might be interested in.

This is not intended to be a full record of everything that was discussed in the meeting. If you want to discuss any of these matters in more detail, then please contact us.


  • Tom Tracy (Preim)
  • Anne Richardson (Community Development Officer)
  • James Hodgson (Resident representative)


  • Pathway linking Phase 1a to Phase 1b
    • Despite it being prohibited, vehicles still attempt to use the pathway as a shortcut between the two phases of the development. It is expected that the numbers will increase when the “bus gate” at the current Elder Way entrance is completed. A bollard is planned for the Phase 1b end of the path, So as to match up with the existing bollard in Phase 1a. The exact positioning is still being worked out so as to minimise the opportunity for vehicles to pass down the path whilst still allowing access to the existing shared driveways and minimising the amount of additional street furniture required.
    • Lighting along the pathway is still in plan
  • Adoption status of sewers and sewage pump in Phase 1a
    • The sewers and sewage pump are still the responsibility of St. Modwen as they have not yet been adopted. They will soon enter a formal 12 month maintenance period, after which they will be taken over by Thames Water.
    • In the meantime, if there are any issues then please contact St. Modwen in the first instance. Their contact details, including their out-of-hours emergency number, can be found in section 1 on the Raising Issues page.

Next meeting:

The next meeting will be on <b>January 12, 2023</b> (Kingsgrove Residents Working Group Meeting)