If you haven’t heard from Preim …

We aware of residents not receiving any correspondence from Preim, the managing agent for Kingsgrove.

Preim have provided the following information to reassure those affected:

When the first property sale is completed the developer, or their solicitor, notifies Preim of the completion. They will also transfer the service charge funds that have been collected on completion. Unfortunately, the information and funds are not always sent to Preim immediately and there can be required information missing from the notification that we receive.
If Preim do not receive all the required information or funds we cannot set up the new accounts. Preim do try to proactively chase any missing information, but it can take some months for Preim to receive all the required information and funds before we can complete our checks and create the new accounts. During this period, new property owners do not need to take any action.
Preim are currently processing a large volume of completion notifications, having been aggressively chasing outstanding information and payments recently. Preim are currently reviewing the information and setting up the new owner accounts on our records. As part of the account creation process, a “welcome letter” will be sent out to the new owner using the correspondence details that were provided to us by the developer’s solicitors. Preim appreciate your patience while we work through this process and hope to have most of the accounts set up and letters issued very soon.

Preim – 11 January 2023