Update on grounds maintenance around the Kingsgrove development

In case people are interested, here are the plans for the ground maintenance contractor, Whitings, over the next couple of weeks.

18th – 22nd September

The focus will be on cutting back the wildflower across all the managed areas. This will include the entrance to Phase 1a, the basin in Phase 1b and the front entrance to site. They will also be undertaking some topsoiling works across the whole of the development, which includes topping around the drains at the front of Phase 1a and the knee rails along the basin in Phase 1b.

25th – 29th September

Whitings will be delaying the normal grass cutting to a little later in the week so areas are looking their best for the Community Day on Saturday 30th September. The central square will be undergoing a jet washing and general clean down on either Tuesday 26th or Wednesday 27th September. Whitings will also be topping up all the tree pits with bark, as well as some of the beds.