Crab Hill Development Forum

Next meeting

Crab Hill Development Forum - Thursday 12 October

Raising issues

I hope to get a place on the agenda in order to raise some specific points.

If you have anything that you want raising at this meeting, please get in touch. It is important to note that the meeting discusses planning specific matters. As a result, questions / comments about service charges and value of money etc aren’t relevant.

Notes from last meeting

You can read my summary of the last meeting here.

About the Crab Hill Development Forum

Occurring once every four months or so, the forum serves as a place to discuss the progress of the development and any matters arising, particularly in relation to planning. It is attended by representatives of St. Modwen, Vale of White Horse District Council Officers, Wantage Town Council, Oxfordshire County Council Officers, Councillors from Wantage and Grove, Wantage and Grove Campaign Group, Oxfordshire Community Churches and HarBUG.

Representation from the Residents Working Group

As part of my role on the Residents Working Group, I have had the opportunity to attend a few of these meetings, and have tried to make sure that the views of people actually living on the development are heard.