UPDATED: Upcoming overnight roadworks – Elder Way / A417 junction

UPDATE: The information in this post has been mainly superseded by a more recent post.

Here are some more details about the upcoming roadworks and how they affect access to / from Kingsgrove.

Official notice


All 3 approaches of the junction of Elder Way and A417 Reading Road. This will mean that all three of these approaches will be closed during the works. Access between the A417 and Scantlebury Way will not be affected.

Map via one.network

Specific times

The roadworks are only going to be overnight closures, i.e. 9 pm to 6 am. Access should continue as normal outside of these times.


Monday 23 October to Friday 27 October


The suggested diversion for those wanting to use the A417 past Kingsgrove is to go via Marcham.

Access to / from Kingsgrove (Elder Way)

During the times when this junction will be closed, access between the A417 Reading Road and Kingsgrove will be via the WELR 1, aka the “new road”. I don’t know whether the WELR 1 will remain open after the roadworks have been completed. However, WELR 1 is very close to completion, though I know that I have said that for a number of months. Once on the A417, you will only be able to head in the direction of Ardington, though.

Reason for the roadworks

The work being carried out is to facilitate the changes needed for the “bus gate”, which will be coming in November-ish.

Information source

The information in this article is from Oxfordshire County Council, as a result of my raising it at the Crab Hill Development Forum on Thursday 20 October.