Significant proposed changes to Oxfordshire County Division boundaries, especially for Kingsgrove


The Local Boundary Commission for Oxfordshire are proposing wide-ranging changes to County Division boundaries, i.e. the areas that elect particular county councillors. You could think of the divisions as a similar concept to that of constituencies for MPs.

How would this affect Kingsgrove?

The proposed change for Kingsgrove (and Charlton) is particularly significant. It would see us being moved from a “Wantage and Grove” division to form a new division with the Hendreds, Harwell, Milton Heights, Blewbury, and Upton

That would mean that any county councillors elected from this new division would have to balance the needs of electors in Kingsgrove, who would traditionally look to Wantage for their main service provision, e.g. education, health, etc with those of Blewbury, for example, that would normally look to Didcot.

Please be aware that these proposed changes do not include anything about moving Kingsgrove from under Wantage Town Council.


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