& Fullers Meadow (Wantage) Management Company Limited (and others)


When this website was first set up, I was only aware of one management company existing in Kingsgrove, namely Kingsgrove Estate Management Company Limited. As such, the structure, and language, of this website concentrated solely on this single management company, its associated managing agent, Preim, and Residents Working Group.

I didn’t take into consideration the fact that multiple management companies might exist.

As it happens, I had chosen the name of the website as a way of (hopefully) including all that live on Kingsgrove, no matter whether they own their property or rent it (or any combination thereof).

It turns out that there is another variable, namely membership of these different management companies and their associated service charges.

Despite only being a member of the Kingsgrove Estate Management Company, I am more than happy for this website to be used as a source of useful information about these other management companies, although I will have to be led in terms of the content provision.

As such, in light of the recent revelations, as least to some, about the existence of Fullers Meadow (Wantage) Management Company Limited, I have made some structural changes to this website so as to be able to accommodate information about these other management companies, should there be a desire to do.

Summary of changes

New pages

I have created a new page, Estate Management, which is directly accessible from the menu on any page on the website. It provides a summary as to what estate management companies are, why they need to exist etc. It also provides quick links to newly-created pages for each of the estate management companies that I am aware of. These can act as landing pages for those wanting information about a specific estate management company.

Moving existing pages

I have moved all things specific to the workings of the Kingsgrove Estate Management Company, including the residents working group, to be under the aforementioned Kingsgrove-specific page.


In the more generic pages, I have made a start at making it clear which management company is being referred to. In practice, this has basically involved adding “Kingsgrove” to the start of a lot of terms! I will try to ensure that this manner of clarification is continued.

Suggestions are always welcome

As ever, any suggestions for the website, be they content or structure, can be made at our contact page.