UPDATED: Kingsgrove Residents Meeting – Thursday 23 November

UPDATE: Contrary to what has been said before, there will be no one from St. Modwen at the meeting, either in person or remotely. There will be two representatives from Cratus, the PR agency that St. Modwen uses, and they will pass any questions / points on to St. Modwen.

The next residents meeting will take place on Thursday 23 November at 7pm at the Wantage Primary Academy on Rutherford Road.

Following feedback from residents, there will now be a mechanism to join the meeting virtually. The exact details as to how to do that can be found at the bottom of the appropriate entry in the Kingsgrove Residents calendar.

This will be an opportunity for Kingsgrove residents to hear from Tom Tracy (Preim’s Customer Account Manager for Kingsgrove), to discuss matters that relate to Kingsgrove and its management as well as to ask any questions that residents may have.

A representative from St. Modwen will be attending this meeting.

If you are intending to go to this meeting, please can you let Preim know by e-mailing helpdesk@preim.co.uk.

Preim have also requested that any questions that you want to ask at the meeting be sent to them in advance of the meeting. This is to maximise the chances of being provided with an answer at the meeting. You can send questions to helpdesk@preim.co.uk.

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