Letter to residents from St. Modwen

This post has been crafted from an e-mail sent out from the Kingsgrove Community team, aka St. Modwen as master developer. If you want to receive these type of updates directly, as well as the Kingsgrove Newsletter, then please subscribe here.

I have added some of my own observations on the news article below.

Dear Residents of Kingsgrove,

As you may know, due to illness we (St. Modwen) were unable to attend the Preim residents meeting on Thursday evening. We recognise that there was frustration that we could not attend and sincerely apologise for this.

We acknowledge the significance of these meetings in facilitating a productive dialogue between the various stakeholders and the residents of Kingsgrove. Before the Christmas break, we will be holding a dedicated session with the St. Modwen development team to address any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. Further information about this meeting will be available shortly.

We’ve put together a list of contact details for each of the various parcels across Kingsgrove which may be of use. We are also working on a clear and accessible map which highlights which developer or managing agent is in control of each area, this will be published on our website shortly.


Each home will be built on a specific parcel. Please note all roads, verges, pathways and other associated infrastructure on each parcel will still belong to and be managed by the original developer unless the land has been adopted by either Remus (all homes built by Cala) or Preim (all other parcels).

Please contact your housebuilder:

Bellway: thamesvalley-customercare@bellway.co.uk
St Modwen Homes: customerservice@stmodwenhomes.co.uk
Taylor Wimpey: downland@taylorwimpey.com
Cala: fullersmeadow.kingsgrove@cala.co.uk

Community Liaison Team

For all other non-parcel related infrastructure queries, this will likely be the responsibility for St Modwen, unless the area has been adopted by Preim. Please get in touch with the Community Liaison Team, who will be able to assist you.

Email: community@kingsgrovewantage.co.uk 
Call: 07883 731491

Managing Agents

For concerns relating to estate management on adopted areas, including landscaping issues, please contact Preim:

Email: helpdesk@preim.co.uk
Call: 01778 382210 

If you are in a Cala development, please contact Remus. 

Email: customerexperience@remus-mgmt.co.uk

Andrea Clarke, Resident Portfolio Manager, St. Modwen 


Raising issues

As part of this website, there is already an existing Raising Issues page. Those e-mail addresses that weren’t already there will now be added to the relevant sections.

Meeting format

In some of the communications that have been sent directly to residents today, there is some suggestion that the meeting may take the form of some sort of drop-in session, rather than a single meeting. Whilst this may be more convenient for some, it does mean that there is more opportunity for people to be told subtly different things about the same topic and makes it harder for the detail to be minuted correctly.


The article refers to areas being “adopted by Preim / Remus”. Technically, Preim and Remus only act as managing agents that are employed by the relevant management company. You can find more details about this topic in the Estate Management page.

Communication method

I will be honest and say that I am slightly surprised that the article was sent to the admins of the Facebook group to share and not to the Kingsgrove Residents Working Group, especially since it is well known that not everyone is on Facebook.