Responsibility for the “verge” around the Fullers Meadow, a.k.a Cala, development

There has recently been quite a lot of confusion as to who has responsibility for maintaining the “verge” that runs around the edge of Fullers Meadow, a.k.a. Cala development, especially along Primrose Avenue.

Current arrangements

Currently St. Modwen, in its capacity as master developer, has the responsibility to maintain it, but have subcontracted the actual work of doing the maintenance to Preim and their main grounds contractor, Whitings. It is very important to note that the money to pay for the maintenance is not coming from the money raised by our service charges, but rather from St. Modwen directly as a separate arrangement.

Future arrangement

The verge is part of a set of land, termed OST3, which will be handed over to the Kingsgrove Estate Management company in the near future. Kingsgrove Estate Management Company is the main management company on site and is currently managed by Preim. OST3 has already been inspected by the council and the transfer will happen in early 2024. Once the transfer has taken place, St. Modwen will no longer reimburse Preim for the money to maintain it and the cost will come from the monies raised by our service charges. Please see the image below for some of the OST3 land, marked in red.

Future adoption of the roads & pavements

The roads and pavements that border this verge, namely Rutherford Road, Primrose Avenue & Elder Way, will be offered for adoption by the council but this does not include the verge. It has been erroneously be said by some that the council will take ownership of everything in the first 1 metre from the edge of the pavement. This is not true and the responsibility for maintaining the verge will remain with the Kingsgrove Estate Management Company.

Some of the land, marked in red, that forms part of OST3