Bus Gate – communication from St. Modwen

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One line summary

St. Modwen recommends that people stop using the Elder Way entrance to Kingsgrove and instead use the alternative entrance, namely the WELR via the roundabout.

Full e-mail

It has been brought to our attention that residents recently received a notice from Oxfordshire County Council stating that Bus Gate has come into force as of 12th January.

As per our previous communications, the Bus Gate is a bus-only entrance at the junction of Elder Way and Reading Road. It will be enforced by an ANPR camera once it has been installed.

St. Modwen is continuing discussions with Oxfordshire County Council about this recent notification and hopes to receive official confirmation regarding enforceability shortly. However, in the meantime, and until we notify any further, St. Modwen recommends that you use the alternative entrance to ensure you will not be fined moving forward.

The alternative route that residents need to take is via the new Wantage Eastern Link Road (WELR), which links the A417 to the Kingsgrove neighbourhood through Rutherford Road. Please see the map below – the yellow arrow highlights the Bus Gate, while the purple arrows indicate the alternative route.

Please be assured, as soon as further information becomes available, we will let residents know. If you have any further queries or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at community@kingsgrovewantage.co.uk or call 07578 618775.

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