Official decision on tenants joining the Kingsgrove Residents Working Group

Recent discussion

During the past few months we are aware of the discussions as to whether tenants would be eligible to join the Kingsgrove Residents Working Group as resident representatives, or whether membership would remain as homeowners only.

Despite efforts from the existing resident representatives, the decision has been taken by the managing agent Preim, to restrict resident membership of the Working Group to homeowners only. A summary of the decision below was included in the Summer 2024 newsletter.

What next?

Whilst the existing reps are sure that a lot of people, including us, will be both disappointed and frustrated at this decision, it needs to be said that the existing representatives will continue to take forward any input from any resident to the meeting as they have always done. It is not relevant to us whether that resident is a homeowner, a tenant, or something else. We will anonymise any input should that be needed.

The housing associations that have a presence on site are invited to attend the meetings. As a result, tenants might find it more beneficial to pass the issue / input through the housing association. However, it needs to be said that only Clarion and Soha have sent representatives so far.

Influence of resident representatives

Although the decision is disappointing, it needs to be noted that the influence of residents representative is likely to be much more limited than people imagine. The Residents Working Group are not typically discussing issues relating to the planning and development of Kingsgrove’s infrastructure, e.g. roads, shops, community buildings etc. The vast majority of what is discussed is related to the work that Preim are carrying out on behalf of the Kingsgrove Estate Management Company, namely the management of open space etc.

I will be writing another, longer, article soon about resident representation, both at the level of the residents representatives and as individual residents.


The official decision is reproduced below:

I am writing to clarify an important aspect regarding the eligibility criteria for membership in our working group. It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion regarding this matter, particularly concerning tenants’ participation.

Our working group plays a crucial role in decision-making processes and strategic planning for our management company. As such, it’s essential to ensure that all members meet the necessary qualifications and fulfil specific requirements.

One of the primary qualifications for membership in the working group is being a shareholder in the management company. Shareholders hold a vested interest in the company’s operations, and their involvement in decision-making reflects this ownership stake.

Unfortunately, tenants, while integral to our community, do not hold shareholder status in the management company. Therefore, they are not eligible for membership in the working group. This distinction is crucial to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of our decision-making processes.

While we value the input and perspectives of all members of our community, including tenants, it’s essential to respect the delineation between ownership and tenancy within the organisational structure.

If tenants wish to contribute ideas or provide feedback on matters concerning the management company, they are encouraged to communicate through appropriate channels such as resident meetings, suggestion boxes, or direct communication with the Managing Agent / Housing Provider.

I trust that this clarification addresses any misunderstandings and helps ensure clarity regarding working group membership eligibility. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Thomas Tracy (Preim’s Customer Account Manager for Kingsgrove), June 2024

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