About Kingsgrove Estate Management Company Limited

Kingsgrove Estate Management Company Limited (KEMCL) is by far the largest management company on the Kingsgrove development. All residents, and commercial businesses, are members of this management company. The vast majority of the communal space on the Kingsgrove development will eventually be handed over to this management company.


As of November 2023, the directors of the management company are all St. Modwen employees.

Managing Agent

Preim has been appointed managing agent with responsibility for maintaining the estate. Tom Tracy is the Customer Account Manager allocated by Preim to look after Kingsgrove.
Details on how to contact Preim are on the Raising Issues page.

Kingsgrove Residents Working Group

The Residents Working Group for Kingsgrove has been going since 2021 to help facilitate better engagement between St. Modwen (master developer for Kingsgrove), Preim (managing agent), and the residents themselves. The group was started by St. Modwen and has included representatives from St. Modwen, Preim and residents, as well as the district council’s Community Development Officer.

You can find much more information about the Kingsgrove Residents Working Group, often referred to as simply the residents working group, here.