Kingsgrove Residents Working Group

About the group

The Residents Working Group for Kingsgrove has been going since 2021 to help facilitate better engagement between St. Modwen (master developer for Kingsgrove), Preim (managing agent), and the residents themselves. The group was started by St. Modwen and has included representatives from St. Modwen, Preim and residents, as well as the district council’s Community Development Officer.

More recently, representation from the housing associations that operate on Kingsgrove has been requested. At the time of writing, both Clarion and Soha have offered up representatives, as detailed below. These representatives will be ensuring that the views & issues of their respective tenants are able to be brought to the group, as well as the views of the housing associations themselves.

The group typically meets monthly, discussing issues raised by residents, ideas to develop the Kingsgrove community etc. The meetings are closed, but input from residents is very welcome. We understand that the closed nature of the meetings may be frustrating to some, but are looking for ways to ensure transparency.

Until recently, the group has been confined to a rigid structure. This has meant that some residents have been put off becoming a part of the group as they can’t commit themselves to attending the monthly meeting. We hope to address this shortly.

We are always looking for people to come forward as resident representatives, especially from those areas of Kingsgrove that don’t have specific representation, especially Taylor Wimpey. The only stipulation is that you are a homeowner.

All parties involved share the common goal of making the Kingsgrove development a safe, inclusive and happy place to live.

If you have an issue that you would like raising, please send an e-mail to or use the contact page.

Current resident reps

  • Josie Bourner
  • James Hodgson
  • Eve Morgan
  • Akos Verebes

Housing association representatives

  • Karen Prickett (Soha)
  • Sharn Hooper (Soha)
  • Carla Bolt (Soha)
  • Laura East (Clarion)

Other members

  • Tom Tracy (Preim)
  • Anne Richardson (Wantage & Grove Community Development Officer, Vale of White Horse District Council)
  • Imogen Spencer-Dale (Cratus, on behalf of St. Modwen)

Future plans

As the Kingsgrove community continues to grow, the group is always looking for new members to join our team. It really doesn’t matter if you haven’t had any experience in this type of thing before. All you need is commitment and enthusiasm! The residents of Kingsgrove are privileged to live in a community which has a diverse demographic and the hope for the Residents Working Group is for it to reflect that, with representation from all areas of the development. To find out more, it’s probably best to get in touch with an existing rep.

If you don’t think that being a member of the Residents Working Group is for you, perhaps volunteering to help with various activities and projects around the development would be a good way to test the water.  Sign up for that and see where it takes you …