Kingsgrove Residents Working Group

The group typically meets monthly, discussing issues raised by residents, ideas to develop the Kingsgrove community, planning events etc. The meetings are closed, but input from residents is very welcome. We understand that the closed nature of the meetings may be frustrating to some, but are looking for ways to ensure transparency.

Kingsgrove Residents

St. Modwen


  • A link to the minutes from the meeting on Thursday 23 November will appear here when available.

Crab Hill Development Forum

The Crab Hill Development Forum exists as a forum to discuss the progress of the development and any matters arising, particularly in relation to planning. It is attended by representatives of St. Modwen, Vale of White Horse District Council Officers, Wantage Town Council, Oxfordshire County Council Officers, Councillors from Wantage and Grove, Wantage and Grove Campaign Group, Oxfordshire Community Churches and HarBUG.

It typically meets every four months.