Raising Issues

Living in a new-build property offers a wonderful opportunity to make your house into your home, right from day 1.

Unfortunately, on a development the size of Kingsgrove, there are always likely to be issues that need to be reported and resolved.

Hopefully the guidance on this page will help you to report issues to the correct organisations so as to get as quick a resolution as possible.

1. Your house

This one is fairly obvious, but the developer that built your house is going to be the best contact for issues relating to your house, garden and any driveways.

There are several developers on the Kingsgrove estate, each developing separate parcels of land.

2. Shared spaces

Areas still undergoing development

Until the individual housebuilder has finished developing their parcel of land responsibility for things like roads, verges, pathways, street lights and other associated infrastructure, lies with the housebuilder. As a result, you should contact them with any queries. Once complete, these things will be handed over to either the managing agent or the council.

Completed areas

Preim are the current managing agent for most of the green areas & shared spaces around the Kingsgrove development.

The shared areas in Fullers Meadow, i.e. that which Cala developed, are managed by Remus.

3. Estate infrastructure

St. Modwen, as master developer, is responsible for delivering the main site-wide infrastructure, such as the three main roads, Elder Way, Primrose Avenue and Rutherford Road, as well as the play park, Central Park and Woodland Walk etc. Once delivered, these will be handed over to a managing agent, council or other group to manage and maintain.

Issues tracker

Following resident meetings held at the end of 2023 where a number of issues were raised directly by residents, St. Modwen have created a tracker document so that residents can see what progress has been made to resolve these issues.

4. Antisocial behaviour

In the unlikely event you find yourself needing to report antisocial behaviour, Thames Valley Police have a handy online portal.

5. Resident representatives

Although the resident representatives on the Kingsgrove Residents Working Group are by no means available 24 hours a day, they may be able to assist you in raising an issue that might not fall into one of the other categories. They can be contacted here.

6. Kingsgrove Community team

If you are struggling to work out the correct team for your particular issue, then the Kingsgrove Community team will be able to help you.